Riverside supports several people and organisations around the world; including Mission and Community works in Africa and Europe as well as a children’s centre in the Philippines. We are involved in building and resourcing schools in PNG and supporting local Chaplaincy. We support local Pastors involved in training Leaders around the globe.

Greg and Kim Hart and their children Gabbi & Thomas are missionaries in Africa. So far they have trained over 200 church leaders, with more than 180 passing the course. These pastors have planted 117 new churches from a position of strength.

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Margaret Pashley has been a missionary in the Philippines for many years and is involved in changing the destiny of children who otherwise would be destitute.

The Centre for Change has been established under the leadership of Margaret. This is a community where children at risk are housed, clothed, educated and cared for. The children live in houses with a House parent who cares for the children in a home environment.

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Sam and Alisha Krauter moved to Weisenbach, South Germany in 2010 where they were appointed as Senior Pastors of Ekklesia Church. Since that time, they have seen the church grow from a few to many and seeing many young people impacted with the Gospel.

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Riverside Church supports the work of the Scripture Union Chaplaincy Program which is committed to bringing hope to a young generation.

Alphacrucis College (AC) (formerly Commonwealth Bible College and Southern Cross College) is a Christian tertiary college and is the official ministry training college of Australian Christian Churches, the Assemblies of God in Australia. The College has several campuses, with the main campus in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.