1. What time does Church start ?

Sunday Church starts at 9.30am all year round. Children are welcome to attend Glow Bugs or Power Kids during the Church service in their own rooms. Parents of very young children have a live feed from the Church auditorium via the television link.

2. Do I have to give money to attend ?

No, attendance at Church service is free and there is no obligation to give money. A collection is taken up during the service but you are not required to give and we won’t pressure you to do so.

3. Are there home groups that we can attend during the week ?

Yes, and at Riverside Church we call them Connect Groups. They run on Monday, Tuesday and Friday nights in homes across the Western Suburbs, and there is also a daytime group on Friday.

4. Is there support for businesses ?

A Business Connect group meets regularly and provides a time for discussion about business principles and activities. These are advertised at the Church services and are held on Saturday mornings.

5. Is there a prayer group ?

The Church has a team called “Prayer Partners” who pray over any requests throughout the week.

There is a closed Facebook group that is primarily for prayer requests. There are also four times throughout the year where the Church meets for five nights to pray. There are also times for prayer at Connect Groups and before Sunday Church.

6. Can I join the music team ?

Yes! We are always looking for talented musicians and vocalists to join the team. Rehearsals are held every 2 to 3 months, so be sure to put your hand up to come along and meet the team.

7. Do I have to tell you that I’m coming to Church ?

You don’t need to tell anyone that you are coming, there will always be a spare seat available. However if you would like us to greet you on arrival we can let our attendants know that you are coming and be on the lookout for you.