We are a community of families, youth, singles, children and business people.

Sunday Church, 9.30 am

Riverside Church Chelmer
26 Glenwood St Chelmer Qld 4068

Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Jim and Pastor Paivi Cameron are passionate about the opportunity that God has provided to plant a church in the Chelmer region.

Through their faith and encouragement they are seeing the fulfillment of God’s promise as the church participation in the community increases each year.

They have been foundational in setting up the groundwork for each of us to step into all that God has for us.

They have been the senior pastors at Riverside Christian Church for over twenty years and are committed to ensuring that the message of Jesus is understandable and accessible to this generation.

Church Life

News Posts

30 April 2017 – Margaret Pashley

You are invited to join us this Sunday@Riverside as we welcome one of our missionaries,...

23 April 2017 – Harts for Africa

Join us this Sunday as we welcome home the Hart family from Africa. Come and...

Easter 2017 – 9, 14 and 16 April

You are invited to join us this Easter@Riverside to celebrate Jesus: the difference. Let Jesus’...

2 April 2017 – David Harney

You are invited to join us this Sunday@Riverside as we welcome back our good friend...


25 February 2017 – Ladies Coffee and Dessert

All women welcome for coffee, dessert and friendship. Please bring a dessert to share –...

28 May, Men’s Golf Evening

Riverside Men’s Golf Drive Evening Cost: Around $10 – $15, depending on how many balls...

7 May, 17UP Day Trip to Coochie Mudlo Island

Day Trip to Coochie Mudlo Island Date: 7 May 2016 Cost: the ferry is $8...

Riverside Men AND Ladies Working Bee

Join us next Saturday 16 April (2-5pm) for an enjoyable working bee around our fantastic...